Exceed Technology Limited

Exceed Technology is an early provider of Manufacturing As A Service. We are a One-stop solution to electronic contract manufacturing and outsourcing.  The company is set up to take over the intensive manufacturing operations from brand manufacturers, suppliers, OEMs etc.  We strive to provide quality services, so that our customers can concentrate their precious resources to increase ROI, develop core competence, and defending strategic advantages.

We specialize in strategic sourcing, material management and supply chain management. We also invest heavily in manufacturing facilities and can quickly engage SMT, PCBA, DFM, DFT, Assembly, Tests, Inspections, and Repairs. As part of our total solution, we also provide PCB layouts, designs, and PCB fabrications.

We take project which are in mass production phase,  and also projects which are at NPI or prototyping.  We can also engage Low-Vol, High Mix projects, after initial consultations.

Real-time, consistent and accurate information on productions, suppliers and vendors would help in planning, forecasting, supply chain management. Ultimately making informed business decisions. We strongly believe our services can help our customers to focus their energies in developing new growth, reducing risk, and having the flexibility to engage short and longer terms business opportunities. 

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Simple . Swift . Save

Simple Engagement

Exceed Technology is a One-stop solution to manufacturing needs. We can provide competitive sourcing, material management, specialized PCBA services. In addition, we also provide PCB production, PCB layouts, and other logistical support. We are flexible to meet unique requirement of our customer. Strategic Support programs are available to support, NPI, Low-Volume High-Mix, Start Up and prototyping needs.

Swift Operation

At Exceed Technology, we like to make quick decisions, and prompt replies. We have the technology and experience to participate in variety of markets. We can offer very specific support to customers in IoT, M2M, aftermarket automotive, networking communications, medical devices, etc.


Save Money

We understand Total Cost of Ownership. We invest heavily in manufacturing technology. We work closely with customer to reduce risk exposure. Our customer have better turn on their capital and the flexibility to capture both short and long term business opportunities.


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